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Every once in a while, you will hear that someone has experienced flood damage. But, if it happens to you, you will be in a complete shock! Not to worry – you have A-Z Claims Adjusters at your service! Whenever and wherever you need us to be. Our professional flood damage insurance claim adjusters are ready to help you, and all you have to do is to provide us with your insurance policy. We will take care of the rest. Contact us today!

Flooded house
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Your flood insurance policy may vary

Flood insurance is provided by private companies which operate in a free market environment. They offer different types of services, and, of course, different prices. Countless factors need to be weighed into the equation. This, of course, results in wildly different policies. This doesn’t apply just to flood insurance policies. So, what are these factors that determine the strength of your flood damage insurance claim? Well, here they are:

The area that you live in

If you live in rural Indiana or Kansas, it’s most likely that you don’t need flood insurance at all. If you live in Mississippi, Florida or Texas – then, the closer your house is to the coast, the riskier the area is. Of course, this means that the likelihood of flood damage is greater, which increases the price. High-risk areas generally include any location near a body of water, especially in a tropical and subtropical climate. Florida is definitely one of those. Your flood damage and your water damage insurance claims will be that much greater.

Flood damage insurance claims are much higher in areas such as this flooded street with a house in background.
Your flood damage insurance claim depends on actual flood risk in your area.

The value of your property

The size of your land, the size of your house, and the value of the belongings inside are what determines the height of insurance. This is because floods are perfectly capable of damaging anything inside your house (unless it’s under extremely good protection). This means, in short, that the greater value is at risk, the more it costs to ensure it, because of the greater the risk, the greater the insurance cost. As such, your flood damage insurance claim will be much greater.

Your flood damage insurance claim is also determined by the market conditions

This is a general rule in economics. For example, if a certain insurance company has a monopoly in a certain area, they will use the opportunity to raise prices or provide a substandard service. Perhaps both. However, in market surroundings, where many different companies are present, prices will go down and the quality of service will go up. This is why, before buying insurance, you should compare different insurance policies in your area. Insurance companies tend to be a lot more “tame” when there’s competition to be found in the immediate area, especially when it comes to flood damage insurance claims and hurricane damage insurance claims, which are common in tropical areas.

Flooding, such as this rolling ocean wave, can cause billion of dollars in damage, that is why it's important to get your insurance as soon as possible.
Flooding can cause billions of dollars in damage, that is why it’s important to get your insurance as soon as possible.

What should you do when a flood damages your home?

Before we start off, let’s say that we hope it never comes to that. Hopefully, you’ve bought flood insurance in advance. Now, let’s say that it happens. The first objective here is to remove the most dangerous elements. If you see that that the water is going to touch the sensitive electrical circuits, turn the entire power grid off entirely. If you see that the entire property is collapsing, leave the area. Do not hesitate. Your life and safety, along with the life and safety of your family and anyone with you, for that matter, is of paramount importance. This is what you should aim to secure first. Move to the first floor, and, if needed, to the attic. Send out signals for the rescue to arrive. There are however steps you might want to remember:

Try to document the damage first

You should do this if, and only if, you do not put yourself or anyone else into harm’s way. Your claim adjuster will need to see the damage. So will the inspector. The scope of the damage should be visible and made clear to everyone. This is an unfortunate circumstance simply because the insurance company will try to get away with paying as little as possible. For this reason, if you’re able to, picture or videotape any and all damage that you’re able to. This will help you a lot when you’re filing your flood insurance claim.

Flooding can tear down objects much stronger than an average house, such as this dam.
Flooding can tear down objects much stronger than an average house, such as this dam.

If some local company is doing the repairs on your house, save the bills and get written estimates

Let’s say you hired a company to help fix the damage on the walls, and remove the danger of ceiling collapsing. Now, the inspector will not be able to see the damage first hand. However, what you can do is get a damage estimate. The company will estimate how much the damage will cost to repair, and, as such, will help your case when you’re filing an insurance claim for flood damage.

If you cannot find a solution in the market, there’s the NFIP

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) was established back in ’68 due to certain problems with water and hurricane damage insurance claims. The majority of people insured through this program are in Texas and Florida. Now, flood damage insurance claims with NFIP are a bit more complex, but it is perhaps the most viable solution because of the nature of the market. Flood insurance is not a standard part of homeowner’s policy, and while the demand for flood insurance is high, the supply is low and often inadequate. This is why you should check if you belong to a community covered by an NFIP program.

Finally, if you’re not sure what to do, call our flood damage insurance claim adjusters

The insurance company, whether state or private, will try to get away with paying as little as possible. However, we take your flood damage insurance claims seriously. Here at A-Z Claims Adjuster, we treat our clients with the attention and respect that they deserve. Our experts will help you get back on your feet in no time, and this whole process will be finished sooner than you expect. So – don’t worry! You have found yourself the right ally for the job! Give us a call today, and we will start right away!

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