Insurance Denial

Are you struggling with your property insurance claim? Your home suffered serious damage and you know you have to file an insurance claim, but what will you do if your insurance company denies your claim? It happens more often than you think. However, with A-Z Claims Adjusters Florida, there is always a solution. With our support, you will never run out of options! Our public insurance claims adjusters are here to get you through the insurance denial process with our combined knowledge of the legal and insurance system. Contact us and get your day in court and the fair settlement you deserve!

Relieve the stress and win your appeal with A-Z Claims Adjusters

Insurance denial is not a term that our insurance claims specialists accept.

Having homeowners insurance is supposed to reduce the financial stress after damage to your home. But, if you experience insurance denial or you get bad settlement agreements, you will feel more frustrated than ever. This is the part when you should turn to A-Z Claims Adjusters. Our company is here to investigate your insurance claim and to determine the error in insurance denial.

You can rely on our insurance professionals who will guide you through the process. We are here to review the case and to help you fill out an appeal form. You may have lost the perspective, but with insurance professionals dealing with insurance, denial is much easier. You can count on a constructive insight that helps you win your appeal.

Insurance denial: Not on our watch!

Hiring our public adjusters to manage the claim process save you time and trouble. You don’t have to handle this difficult process on your own. We are here to provide you with a claim review and to prevent the possibility of insurance denial.

Before you present your claim to the insurance company, make sure to find a way to improve it. The quality of the claim depends on the evidence about the damages your home has suffered. The proper evidence is the key to the successful claim settlement. We are here to help you gather all necessary documents and evidence such as photos, videos, receipts and repair estimates. If you decide to do it on your own, we also suggest to give us a call when you receive the estimate from the insurer.

It is very important to trust us and to follow our instructions if you want to get the best possible settlement. With our professional help and quality review of the claim, you don’t have to spend extra money on hiring an attorney.

What are the common causes of insurance denial?

It might seem like a shock to receive a denial for your residential insurance claims from your insurance company. But, you have to be aware that this scenario is possible, especially in the following situations:

  • Negligence

If you had incorrect installations in the house that were supposed to be repaired some time ago, from the insurance company this could be an act of negligence. And a reason to deny your insurance claim. Also, if you forgot to pay your premiums on time, this can be an act of negligence, too. It is the reason why an insurance company can deny a claim.

  • Insufficient coverage

Another reason for insurance denial – if you want coverage that exceeds your home price. To explain, you can ensure your home at Replacement Cost or Actual Cash Value. Replacement cost is the price to repair your home in the same conditions it was when you purchased it. Actual Cash Value is the market value of your home. So, if you file a claim for damage exceeding the price of your home, there is a possibility your insurance claim will be denied.

If you file a claim for damage exceeding the price of your home, there is a possibility your insurance claim will be denied.
  • Failing to understand the risks that are covered

Before you file the claim, make sure to read carefully all the details of your policy. You need to understand which risks and damages are covered by your insurance policy. The most common reason for an insurance denial is the incident that isn’t covered. For example, if your home has suffered damages from a hurricane, make sure this type of damage is included in your policy.

  • Exceeding the time frame to file a claim

This is one of the most common reasons for insurance denial. If you are waiting too long to file the claim your insurer can deny it. So, make sure to file it as soon as possible and present it to your insurer. But, if you are not sure how to do it properly, A-Z Claims Adjusters are public adjusters who can help you present the claim in the best way, to negotiate with the insurance carrier and to settle the claim quickly and efficiently.

Trust us: We fight for your rights!

House insurance denial
We are here to solve all your claim procedures quickly, efficiently and with the best possible outcome.

Consider hiring our public adjuster to get the best settlement. We are here to fight for your rights, and to save you time and money during the process of the successful settlement. A second professional opinion of the damages or loss is the most important thing when you fight for a better settlement. We are here to solve all your claim procedures quickly, efficiently and with the best possible outcome. If you have an insurance policy, the best you can do is to contact us and let us file your insurance claim.

To avoid complications in case of insurance denial, remember to not go into this process alone when you have us to fight for your rights. Especially if you are not educated and informed about the law, the best you can do is to hire professionals who are capable to fight with the insurance company. You should hire a claim adjuster because the insurance company certainly will. At A-Z Claims Adjusters we fight to ensure that insurance companies deal with your claims in good faith.

Remember, we are the best friend you can have in a claims process!

What to do when an insurance company denies your claim? To summarize, in the claim process insurance companies will make an abundance of excuses in order to deny paying claims. If you are not well informed and don’t know how to fight for the better settlement it can lead to the failure and insurance denial. A-Z Claims Adjusters are your friendly neighborhood insurance claims assistants. When you experience serious damages to your home because we will help you:

  • evaluate the total loss,
  • review your policy,
  • present the claim,
  • negotiate with the insurer,
  • settle the claim quickly and efficiently etc.

So, whether you are looking to get a jump start on your insurance company or ensure that you avoid insurance denial, we are here for you. Contact our claims adjusters today or leave us your information and we will be there for you!

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Resolve My Claim