Sinkhole Damage Insurance Claims

Sinkholes can cause significant damage to your personal property – and if they do, you will need someone who can help you with your insurance claim. There is no need for you to deal with all that paperwork all by yourself. Not when you have A-Z Claims Adjusters by your side! We are the ones you should turn to when in need! In case you or someone you know has suffered sinkhole damage and has not been treated fairly by the insurance company, let us know. We will be there, guiding you through the whole sinkhole damage insurance claims process. Get in touch with one of our public insurance adjusters today!

Sinkhole damage – a common threat to homeowners

People across Florida and the entire country have started noticing unusual damage to their property. They often find out that the cause is a sinkhole.

How to know that you’re dealing with sinkhole damage?

A man standing next to a hole in the ground, planning to file sinkhole damage insurance claims
A sinkhole causes cavities to open up in the ground.

It is very important to know the difference between sinkhole damage and other similar causes of damage to your property, such as flood damage. Since these are easily confused, make sure to learn how to recognize sinkhole activity before filing sinkhole damage insurance claims.

These are some of the common signs of sinkhole damage to look for:

  • Cracking in your home’s interior and exterior can be signs of sinkhole damage.
  • Cracks in your walkway or driveway are another indicator.
  • If you notice that your windows and doors have become difficult to close as if they do not fit their frames anymore, the reason behind this may be a sinkhole.
  • Sinkhole damage is closely related to water damage. New large pools of standing water in your yard are another potential reason for filing sinkhole damage insurance claims.
  • There might be soft spots in your backyard with dying plants around them.
  • Large amounts of sediment in the water from the faucets is another sign of a sinkhole.

In case you notice some of these warning signs in or around your home, there is no reason to panic. A-Z Claims Adjusters are always there for you.

What causes sinkholes to form?

Sinkholes are depressions in the land caused by a gradual, natural process of erosion. This phenomenon happens when limestone is present within a few hundred feet of the surface of the earth. Sinkholes form when groundwater dissolves the limestone. They develop under pressure. Sinkhole activity normally occurs in places with large amounts of water, such as lakes and rivers. The usual causes are natural – large amounts of rain or extreme drought. Another factor that contributes to the formation of sinkholes is human activity. In South Texas and Florida, sinkholes are most common. Land in these states is mainly karst, which is a consequence of dissolving dolomite, limestone, and gypsum.

An underground cave
Sinkholes form when water comes in contact with minerals and rock which leads to the formation of cavities in the ground.

Filing sinkhole damage insurance claims

Sinkholes can result in serious property damage. The degree of damage depends on the sinkhole’s depth and size. They can cause more or less damage to homes and offices, occasionally making them uninhabitable or even swallowing entire buildings.

Sinkhole damage insurance claims can be very complicated because many factors are involved. Despite the fact that Florida Statute 627.706 requires every insurer that sells property insurance in Florida to cover catastrophic ground cover collapse, not every homeowner’s insurance policy covers sinkhole damage. Sinkhole damage and catastrophic ground cover collapse are defined differently by the law. If your sinkhole damage insurance claim does not meet the criteria and you don’t have sinkhole coverage, your claim can easily be denied by your insurer.

What happens after you report sinkhole damage?

First of all, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to contact the insurance company immediately, informing them about the sinkhole damage insurance claim. Then, the insurance company will usually send their experts to inspect your home and check whether the cause of the damage is truly a sinkhole. Their team will drill into the ground and analyze the soil. They will have to take samples of the soil and examine its composition in order to determine if sinkhole activity has taken place. The results of the soil testing will probably arrive one month later.

In case you were right, the insurer should find a suitable way to handle your situation. If you are not satisfied with how the compensation and repairs are handled, it is time to call a professional who does not work for your insurance company. You need someone who will be on your side and that’s us – your A-Z Claims Adjusters.

How we help you with sinkhole damage insurance claims

A sinkhole can be a dangerous thing - you should always seek help from experts.
Let our sinkhole claims adjusters help you!

We are familiar with all the headaches bothering sinkhole victims. That is why we are eager to help you file homeowners insurance claims with ease, thus ensuring adequate compensation for your loss. First, one of our adjusters will hear all about your situation and review the results of your sinkhole test. In case they confirm that your sinkhole insurance claim is valid, they may involve their own team of specialists who will do the tests again. Then, since your insurance claim was denied, they will file an appeal. They will be the middleman between you and your insurance company until you reach a fair settlement.

Our professional sinkhole claims adjusters will handle everything for you, and all you have to do is to give us a call. And once you do – we will take care of the rest. You can rely on us – from the beginning stages to the very end. We are at your service, wherever and whenever you need us to be! A-Z Claims Adjusters is a company that will exceed your expectations, so wait no more and give us a call right away!

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