Bathroom renovation ideas in Florida

Bathroom renovation is an exciting task, especially in Florida. But before you go bathtub and tiles shopping, there are things you need to consider to get the job done. Because besides being fun, bathroom renovation can be big, expensive and long task. As always, first you have to think about your personal preferences. With this there is also a question on bathroom condition and of course, how to fit the bathroom style into the rest of the house. So today besides useful renovation tips, we also give you some bathroom renovation ideas. In this way you can both save money and find interesting inspiration.

A budget for your bathroom renovation ideas

Before we give you ideas, let’s talk money. If you’re not sure how much you will spend on your future bathroom, you need to give a price limit. By setting the renovation budget you will surely make better decisions. And once you set how much money you will need, you will get a better idea how much you can spend on tiles, installations and extras.

broken tiles go hand in hand with bathroom renovation ideas
Bathroom renovation ideas can be endless

Duration of bathroom renovation

Many people think that you need less time to renovate a smaller bathroom, but this doesn’t have to be the case. What if you discover you have mold damage that you weren’t aware of? Depending on what condition your bathroom is in, you may need even a couple of weeks to renovate your bathroom.

You have to count in not just the renovation itself, but the tiles and bathtub delivery, along with everything else – like cabinets and installations. This is very important if you only have one bathroom because during the renovation you may need a place to go (literary!). Just in case, here are some burst pipe risk-reduction tips.

Hidden problems during bathroom renovation

If you are fully renovating your bathroom, you need to change the complete water supply and canalization system, especially in the older buildings. It is also important to change the old pipes that may cause extra problems. You also need to think about insurance, in case of any unexpected damages. Public adjuster Florida can help you out, as we provide insurance help with flood or roof damage. In any case, here’s how to restore your home after a flood.

parfume bottles in bathroom
It’s all about the details

Take exact measurements

There are some main limitations when you renovate your bathroom: room dimensions, locations of pipes and electric installations and standard dimensions of bathroom installations. That’s why it is very important to take certain measures before you start implementing bathroom renovation ideas. In this way, you won’t end up with things you can’t really fit into your bathroom.

Bathroom design

There are so many options when it comes to bathroom design. Just think about the colors for tiles, sink, bathtubs, showers, sinks etc. That’s why the very first thing you should do is to think about what you like: what are your personal preferences and what colors and styles do you like. You can start by just one thing and then develop it into an idea or design. Also think about the functionality, about how much time do you spend in your bathroom and who else will be using the room. If you have limited space, wall cabinets are a great idea. Here you can keep your cosmetics and towels. You may even consider that one day you will sell your home, so try to fit the design into the whole house.

cat on the bathtub
Think about others when renovating your bathroom

Bathroom color

Which color will dominate your bathroom? Before you have an irrational decision about the color of your towels, you should concentrate on bigger elements in your bathroom such as cabinets or walls. Don’t forget that the color you choose will impact of the whole environment and the overall atmosphere of the bathroom. White is always the safest choice, because it can be easily combined with all other colors. Blue bathroom creates a relaxing effect and gives some ocean vibes. If you put some black bathroom elements, this can make a dramatic effect. Whatever the color you choose, just know that you can easily change the color of your bedroom, but the one in the bathroom will probably stay longer. Also, pay attention to light that comes into the bathroom, because it can be the main trigger when choosing colors and shades.

Walls and floor

Ceramics, marble and granite are very nice and long lasting materials but can be more expensive than other materials. If you want to save money, you can use cement or vinyl that can be both very practical. Also, your bathroom walls don’t have to be just one color walls – tiles from top to bottom are very popular in the last decade. This makes it easier to clean your bathroom and you don’t have to refresh wall color every so often. There is also an option of special wall coverings that can stand a moist bathroom environment.

And when it comes to the floor, tiles are not the only option. Wood and concrete textures give a special charm and are easy to clean, giving a completely different vibe than tiles. The concrete texture is ideal for minimalistic design, and wood is for more classic, rustic design. Both types can be used for other rooms as well such as a toilet or even kitchen.

Shower and bathroom renovation ideas

No bathroom renovation is complete without changing the bathtub, sink, bidet, toilets but also faucets, taps, and showerheads. First of all, whether you choose to opt for a bathtub or a shower is your personal preference. If your bathroom is smaller, you can save space by replacing the bathtub with a shower. A shower is also convenient if you have an elderly family member who cannot really bend down to get into the tub. Also, just by replacing shower doors you can create a completely different look of your bathroom. As for the smaller details like bathroom mirrors and cabinets, make sure that they fit into the whole bathroom renovation.

In the end, bathroom renovation ideas can be endless. Try match your personality and your budget and we are sure you’ll find the best ones for you in no time.

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