Ways in which smartphones protect your property

Smartphones are inventions that have an almost limitless number of applications. You can do almost everything with them! There is an app for just about everything. While it cannot do the job of a public adjuster Florida, it can definitely make your life easier. But how can smartphones protect your property, exactly? Well, there are multiple ways in which they do so. Let us explore them.

How smartphones protect your property – damage assessment

The first and most obvious, way to protect your property with a smartphone is simple. Camera. Every smartphone is a camera and can take pictures and upload them where needed. What you want to do is take pictures of everything in its original state. That way, when it comes to a situation where your property is damaged by an external party, you have proof.

It does not need to be an external party for you to get your claim. The common claim that is easier to deal with by using a smartphone is a storm damage insurance claim. If you have pictures with proper timestamps, you will prove that the damage was done by the storm. 

Similarly, there can be quite a bit of damage done on your property during a relocation process. We all go through several of those in our life and our items end up damaged. If you have pictures of your items before the move, you will be able to properly assess that damage. You might forget that some of your items were damaged, even before the move. It is best to avoid such situations by just snapping a picture of your valuable items.

Damage assessment apps

The whole process of creating a catalog of your items and taking a picture of each and every item can be quite arduous. Luckily, there are solutions to those problems. There are apps for just about anything! Go to your mobile store and just download an app to help you with this process. It can automate most of the work and you will have more time to devote to other things.

How smartphones protect your property – home security

Another great usage of smartphones is for home security. You can link your security system with your phone and have everything at your fingertips! You can even check about common natural disasters! There are multiple things that you can do with your phone and some of them are:

  • Locking or unlocking doors
  • Browse alert history
  • Live video of your house
  • Thermostat control
  • Lighting control
  • Small appliances control
  • User management
smartphones protect your property - barbwire
Smartphones can increase your home security

Phew, that is quite a list. These nifty little gadgets are really worth our money, aren’t they? I mean, just look at all of the things that you can control with them! However, what you need to know is that they are not infallible. You need to apply proper maintenance and to have them in the best working order. With smartphones, this usually means that you avoid any falling damage and that you clean up the system every now and then.

Home security apps

To help smartphones protect your property, a number of apps have been created. Some of these apps offer control of everything in your house, while others focus on a few things at a time. Few of the best apps are Vivint Smart Home and Frontpoint.

There are many apps to choose from and you are sure to find something that fits you perfectly. However, do not rely only on the smartphone to do all the work for you, you should burglar-proof your home as well.

The risks of using a smartphone

While they are great, they do come with a great risk attached. It is all too often that people rely too much on their smartphones. And why wouldn’t they? These items can do everything for us! They are our source of entertainment as well as our link to the world. We have become so reliant on smartphones, it is quite scary actually.

Risk #1

The first thing that can happen is you can lose your smartphone or it can get stolen. Let’s say that you did not make any copies of important files or that you have something that you just can not remember. That is risk #1. What you want to do is make sure that there isn’t anything on the phone that you can not comfortably live without.

Risk #2

Your smartphone can get corrupted. It is a common thing with any electronic device and they are susceptible to corruption. Just like people, but in a different way. This can cause you many an unfortunate or unpleasant issue. What you can do is prepare for the inevitable. As in the case of theft or loss, you want to have a backup. So even if the phone refuses to work, you can get the next one to work in no time.

Risk #3

Your smartphone will become outdated and might pose a security risk. You have no means of knowing when this might happen unless you follow smartphones and their software closely. However, this is just a minor risk, almost easily ignored. But it is still a risk and is worth mentioning!

word security
Make sure to be updated about security risks

How to make sure that smartphones protect your property

As mention previously, make a backup of every important file that you have on your phone. Every now and then it is a good idea to delete unnecessary apps and to also re-optimize your phone. But that is not all. You need to make sure that the phones themselves are not left in dangerous spots during the day. Perhaps you have a cat that will be really interested in that brand new smartphone, or something can fall on it. You want to prevent that.

And that was how smartphones protect your property! From pictures, through home insurance, to all the various apps. They also come with few risks of which you are now aware. They are marvelous inventions and we are coming to rely on them more and more. We wish you all the best in your endeavors!

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