Best ways to protect your home from storms

If you live in a geographical area where storms can be severe, or even fatal, then you’re in the right place. You have definitely searched on ways to protect your property from storms. The idea of home is a place where you can feel safe at any time, however, you know that all of this safety can be easily taken away by a higher power. This article will help you protect your home from storms by giving you some expert (and well-meaning) advice on how to make sure that everything ends well, even after Mother Nature’s wrath has run its course.

Protect your home from storms by upgrading your home

In truth, many homes would have been well protected indeed, if only their owners were willing to take a few single steps. These steps are crucial when you want to equip your home against storms. And, indeed, some of these steps are nothing more than the just regular maintenance of your home and yard. Even if you live in some of the safest zones of the US, you should be doing these, but, if you live in a stormy area, then these are essential if you want to protect your home from storms.

Make sure that water can flow away from your property

Many communities in rainy areas around the world have thought of ways to make the water flow away and avoid any water damages. Ancient Egyptians, for example, built complex channel systems to keep the water at bay when the Nile started to overflow. This is the same strategy that you can use to safeguard your home from storms. How do you do that, you may ask?

People take various measures to protect their homes from storms - such as placing their homes on high ground, with plenty of stairs.
People take various measures to protect their homes from storms – such as placing their homes somewhere where water can’t reach.

You can start by digging out channels in your yard, which lead to designated parts of the yard far away from your home. This is nothing new, and many households do employ such strategies. To protect your home from storms, you should definitely make sure that water flows away from the risky part of your property, or, if possible, outside of your property as a whole.

If you have dug out the ditches and gutters, maintain them and clean them regularly

If you do have a system of water displacement, then you should make regular checks in order to see if it’s in working conditions. Remember, storms can hit rather suddenly. They will not give you enough time to prepare. In order to storm-proof your house, you must make regular checkups. Over time, things tend to accumulate in the gutters that you’ve dug out. This is what’s going to render your home protection system useless. Unless you, of course, do something about it. For example, you should be removing the dirt from your gutters every now and then.

Another good idea is a sump pump

If you think you need an extra layer of protection, then get a sump pump. In our humble opinion, it is a very good idea if you want to protect your home from storms. Storms can bring copious amounts of water into your basement. A sump pump will help regulate the water that accumulates in the basements, and it’s often seen as a good solution. However, it requires maintenance. Keep in mind, though, that maintenance of a sump pump usually comes down to a few minutes every 6 months or so.

Protect your home from storms by fortifying your home

Now, we come to the “real” stuff. We’re talking about fortifying your home’s defenses against storms, especially the sensitive parts. Water can easily leak through the roof, so, here’s a few good ideas down the line. For example, when it comes to hurricane damage, it’s a good idea to…

Replace the roof shingles

If you wish, you could take a few hours to inspect your roof for any traces of damage. Or, you could have a professional do it for you. Whatever works for you. However, under no circumstances should you allow your roof to have openings through which water can enter. If there’s a broken shingle, that’s bad enough. If a shingle is missing, it’s even worse.

Protect your home from storms by checking the shingles on your roof, like these two girls are doing through the window panel.
Protect your home from storms by checking the shingles on your roof.

This is why in order to protect your home from storms, you must make sure that your roof is in decent shape. There are various types of shingles, and the storm-resistant ones are by far the most reliable, and expensive too. However, replacing them one at the time as they get broken is not going to be that much of a strain on your budget.

Ensure your doors and windows are properly sealed

You see, even a small amount of water entering your house through a door or a window can spell disaster for your home. This is why, in order to make sure your home is ready for any storm, you have to make regular checks. Every time it’s rainy outside, you should check the windows and the doors of your home. If the body of water inside your home is suspiciously large, it’s time to check if there are any hidden openings. This is one of the most important things if you want to protect your home from storms.

Old, navi blue, wooden door.
Make sure the doors are fortified to protect your home from storms.

Finally, no matter what, get insurance

Yes, it may be true that the prices of insurance are now higher than they were before. But to ensure the safety of your home, you should invest in another layer of protection. This one is of a legal nature. Despite all your attempts to protect your home from storms, the damage might still happen. This is why we recommend getting some proper insurance against such events.

In case you need advice regarding your property damage insurance claims, as experienced public insurance adjusters Florida, we have the knowledge and expertise to help you out. We understand that your property, which you have worked hard for, is at stake, and that is why we recommend proper steps and precautions if you wish to truly storm-proof your household.

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