Burst pipe risk-reduction tips

Inconveniences burst pipe cause can cost you a fortune! Just small fracture of your pipes can release gallons of water, and serious damages on your walls, floors, carpets, furniture, etc. Burst pipes not only can cause serious damages to your home, also it leads to business interruption. To avoid serious damages on your possessions and important paperwork, it is important to take proper precautions and to learn more about your burst pipe insurance claim. You should be prepared: water damages can happen to everyone. They are the most common causes of homeowners’ insurance claims. So, you are probably worried about the insurance coverage in case of water damage? Don’t be afraid, the most of the homeowners’ insurance policies cover the damage from the home itself, in this case, from a burst pipe. Keep reading to find out more about the burst pipe insurance claim tips.

Water pipe
Be prepared for the burst pipe scenario

Let’s start with steps to reduce the risk of burst pipes

To reduce the risk of burst pipes in your home, you should take some proper precautions. If you are a homeowner you are responsible for the installation and protection of your pipes. In case you are a tenant in a rental home, the landlord is the responsible person for home protection from water damage. There is always a possibility of burst pipes, especially when it comes to winter. So, to help you prevent your pipes from freezing, you should know to:

  • Where is the internal stop valve and how to turn it off
  • Keep your home warm
  • A phone number of a plumber and call him to check your pipes condition especially during the winter
  • How to turn off the water supply to your home
  • Check the installation of your water pipes
  • Make sure the heating system is serviced regularly

These steps are the main precautions you should take to reduce the possibility of burst pipes. The prevention is the main key for the safety of your home. But, sometimes everything you do isn’t enough and you have to deal with burst pipes. You should always be prepared for this kind of situation, to know how to react in the situation like this.

How to prepare your pipes for cold weather?

When it comes winter many homes have problems with burst pipes. This is a big problem which can lead to serious damages. Bust pipe insurance claim is common during the cold months. Pipes are usually bursting when the weather is cold. So, you should follow all our mentioned tips to reduce the risk of burst pipes. The main key is the protection.

Ice on water pipe
Pipes are usually bursting when the weather is cold.

What to do in case of burst pipes?

When your water pipes burst, the first step you should take is to turn off the water supply to your home. You need to know where is located your stop tap so you can turn it off. This will stop the water from entering the pipes. The next step is to turn off your heating system. Also, remove all furniture and carpets near water and dry your floor and walls, to prevent bigger damages.

In case your water pipes burst near electric, you have to turn off electrics too. You probably already know that electrics and water are never a good combination. Switching off your main water supply isn’t enough, you also have to prevent further flooding. You should drain the water from your system. Always remember: the burst pipes can cause serious damages to your home, so you have to do your best to collect it as much as you can. If you are now thinking about where is your stop tap and how to find it, you should know they are always located near the water supply, where pipes enter your home. There isn’t exact location, but there are few places you should check if you want to find it:

  • In a downstairs cloakroom or WC
  • Under the kitchen sink
  • In a garage
  • In the bathroom
  • Under the stairs

If you still cannot find it, you can consult your neighbor or professional help. Also, make sure to check your stop tap few times a year to be sure it is in good condition. Make sure you can easily turn it off, you don’t want extra complications when your water pipes burst.

Man fills the burst pipe insurance claim
Contact your insurance company to file your burst pipe insurance claim.

Who should you contact when water pipes burst?

In this case scenario, you have to know how quickly and efficiently to react. Besides turning off the water and collecting leaking water you have to contact your home insurance company. In case of water damages, you should file your burst pipe insurance claim. Water damages are usually covered by home insurance. You will file your homeowner insurance claim and your insurance company will suggest you a plumber to fix your burst pipes. Be aware that your insurer can deny your burst pipe insurance claim if he/she concludes you are responsible for pipe bursting. The water damages from a burst pipe are usually covered by homeowner insurance policy, but sometimes insurer pays for the water damage but not for the pipe repairing. So, it is good to consult your reliable and experienced public insurance adjuster when it comes to water damage in your home.

How Can a Public Insurance Adjuster Help?

If you don’t know how to resolve the problem of the pipe burst, hiring public insurance adjuster is a good decision in some many ways. A public adjuster can help you with the inspection of your water damages, and it can help you with your estimates and potential costs. A public insurance adjuster is the best mediator between you and your insurance company. He/she will help you file the burst pipe insurance claim and gather proper documentation. When the process is too complicated and long, with a professional you have a better chance to get the fair compensation for your burst pipe insurance claim.

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