Common natural disasters in Florida

The Sunshine State is famous all around the world for many great things but also is famous because of a big array of natural disasters. From hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, to fires and floods many natural disasters in Florida affect the lives of residents. We want to prepare you with all the necessary information to know what you can expect if you decide to live in Florida. If you are already a resident of Florida, our tips will help you prepare for all natural disasters so you can protect your home and even your life from a disaster.

Common natural disasters in Florida: What you can expect?

Floods in Florida

As you probably know, Florida is near sea level, that’s why floods are a common problem here. Even a small flood can cause you many problems. When water starts quickly to rise, it can lead to damage to homes and business worth millions. Flood damage can severely damage your home, so when you are living in Florida, you should always be prepared for it. The best advice we can give you is to get proper insurance that will cover all your items damaged in flood.

Common natural disasters in Florida - flooded houses
All sea level towns have problem with floods

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Hurricanes and tropical storms are natural disasters that often hit Florida. Every hurricane brings a storm surge that can flood large areas. Hurricane is the biggest problem for Floridians living a few feet above sea level. Hurricanes and tropical storms can be seriously devastating, breaking and damaging everything in front of it. People face with ruined homes, businesses and even with a loss of loved ones. Hurricane damage is something that Floridians are afraid of, so protect yourself with proper insurance on time to have fewer worries and to avoid significant financial loss.

Heavy Rain

In the summer, Florida experiences strong thunderstorms. These storms bring heavy rain and high levels of water in the state. Sometimes, the drainage systems are unable to keep up with the water levels, so the flooding occurs.

Florida Fire Hazards

Florida also experiences fires. It can occur during the summer heat, but it also occurs at any time during the year because of different causes. Fires take lives, homes, and businesses. Even a small discarded cigarette can lead to a massive fire especially because of the frequents lightning storms in Florida. Fires lead to closed roads and smoke can make areas impossible to breathe. So, every one of us should be very careful, and we all have one task – to keep us all safe by avoiding throwing away any flammable items. But, in case you experience fire damage, you should have a reliable fire damage adjuster on your side to help you with your insurance claim and negotiating process with your insurance company.

Fire is dangerous both in summer and all year round

Prepare for any disaster: Get an Insurance!

Because there are many natural disasters in Florida, your homes and businesses are in danger of serious damages. So, getting proper insurance is a must for every Floridian. Some of the coverages are very expensive but, they are worth every penny. If you don’t have adequate insurance, the cost of not having it will be far higher. A-Z Claims Adjusters Florida can help you with many types of insurance claims you have to deal with. After you suffer serious damage, you need someone you can trust to negotiate with an insurance company and to make the best deal for you.

How to prepare for hurricane season and other natural disasters in Florida?

Hurricanes and other natural disasters can seriously damage every property. It helps to be adequately prepared for every disaster. With the right knowledge, preparation and insurance your home, family, and business will minimize the impact of the natural disaster. Here is what you need to know so you can be adequately prepared for hurricane season and every other disaster. Take some measures before so you can have less stress later.

  • Plan your evacuation route

It is wise to make to plan an evacuation route before the disaster strikes. In this way, when it happens, you have time to go to the shelter. Make sure to include your pets in the evacuation plan and all your important documents and valuables.

  • Keep non-perishable emergency supplies on hand

Prepare a box with all the essentials you need during the storm. You should have a few most important things on hand:

  • Extra batteries
  • Candles or lamps with fuel
  • Matches
  • Materials and tools for emergency home repairs
  • Prescription drugs
  • A three-day supply of drinking water
  • Canned Food
  • First aid supplies
  • A flashlight

If you need to evacuate, you should bring these supplies with you. Make sure to have an emergency stash.

hurricane from the space
Florida is famous for hurricanes
  • Take an inventory of your personal property

Create a home inventory so you can purchase the insurance big enough to cover all your possessions. A home inventory will also speed up the claim process. This document should be among the important document you need to take with you in case of disaster.

  • Review your insurance policies

The most important is that you understand your coverage so that you can have an adequate repair of your home and the replacement of your belongings. Take a look at all insurances and purchase the insurance you need the most. If your home is in an area where the flood damages are common, make sure to purchase the right flood damage insurance. If you have questions or doubts about your policy, consult the professional.

  • Take steps to protect your home

Take all the necessary measures to protect your windows, doors, and roof from the disaster. Seal all your vents, outdoor electrical outlets, and pipes.

  • Take steps to protect your business

Create a business recovery plan. Keep your employees informed and make a plan to resume normal business operations. Take a look at your business insurance policy to understand what’s covered.

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