Filing wind damage insurance claims – tips and hints

Wherever you’re currently living – natural disasters are a possibility. The only thing that separates different locations is the probability of such an event happening. But whether or not something bad actually happens; having insurance coverage is a good idea. After all, that’s why most people opt for spending money on an insurance policy in the first place. Though, unfortunately, that’s not all that you need to do. If you want to be certain that you can claim what’s rightfully yours after a natural disaster – you’ll need the help of A-Z Claims Adjusters Florida! We’ve got some great tips for all kinds of insurance claims proceedings; such as filing wind damage insurance claims. So read on, and enjoy!

Treat this issue with maximum care

Before we explain the process of filing wind damage insurance claims in more detail, there are a few opening disclaimers we think you might find useful. We feel obligated to make sure you realize something – in this process, the insurance company will not be on your side. Thinking that they’re your friend just because you’re their client is, in this case, completely wrong. Having an insurance policy is good; but once you need to activate it, expect your insurance provider to fight back.

In other words, if you suffer any wind damage during a storm, and you need to file wind or lightning damage insurance claims; know that the insurance company will work their hardest to reduce the amount of money that they’ll need to pay out. So, when they assess the situation, expect them to try to reimburse you for a smaller amount of money than you’re rightfully owed. That’s nothing too frightening, though – when you know what you’re doing.

A storm going down a railroad.
Storms can cause all kinds of mayhem!

Having a good claims adjuster

As you’re probably aware of, wind can be a pesky thing; causing all kinds of mayhem, including roof damage. So, if you want to have the best protection against losses, there’s something you’ll need to do. In fact, it’s the only sensible step – contacting an insurance claims adjuster. When you’re facing the process of filing wind damage insurance claims, you definitely want to be certain you’ll get your money’s worth out of your insurance policy. This will expedite the process, and quickly get you on the way to complete material recovery.

Start filing wind damage insurance claims on time

Especially if a natural disaster can disrupt your business, you definitely want to deal with the process of filing wind damage insurance claims as soon as possible. Which means that, as soon as the disaster happens – contact your insurance provider. We can’t emphasize enough just how important this is for the success of your claims process. Call them, and give them the number of your policy, and all the contact information they need to reach you at any time. Also, know that you’ll have to accurately describe the scope of the property damage.

If there is a good reason why your claims process needs to be a priority for the company, like any needs that your family members have; make sure you tell the insurer that. They tend to take personal circumstances into account, as they well should. Also, ask your insurance provider when you can expect a visit from them, in order for them to evaluate the damage. As we’ve already mentioned – doing this in a timely manner is crucial. You don’t want to waste any time so you can’t start working on repairs as soon as possible.

The debris from a roof destroyed by a storm.
Don’t remove any of the debris unless you absolutely have to, before making a photo!

Record your loss

As we’ve already mentioned, your insurance company will make an estimate of your loss. Upon this, they’ll base the amount they believe you should be reimbursed for. However, remember – in this process, they are basically your adversaries. So, having a separate loss inventory of your own is crucial. Definitely, don’t make the mistake of making any major repairs before the claims process is complete. So, as soon as you’ve prevented any imminent danger or further damage to your property; leave things as they are.

Then, take photos of the premises which have sustained damages. In the case that the insurance company tries to dispute any of your claims; you want to have stone-hard evidence to back you up. After this, proceed to document your losses in great detail. If you can, note the approximate value of your items that aren’t functioning anymore, and also the time and place where they were bought. Naturally, if you’ve got receipts for any of them; that’s even better.

Final notes

On a final note, there’s one main thing that you need to take away from our tips on wind damage insurance claims – thoroughness is crucial. At any point in this process, you’ll want to completely eliminate any possibility of not knowing something, or forgetting any crucial information. With that in mind – keeping thorough records is essential to completing your claims process with success. And we’re not just talking about the inventory. On top of that, make records of everyone you’ve talked with regarding the claim.

Also, see if your insurance provider utilizes SMS or other kinds of online alerts to notify clients on any changes regarding their claims process. If you do that, you’ll find out right away as each stage of your claim happens. You’ll get a notification on your phone when the company accepts your report, as well as when make an estimate. And finally – when they send you a payment. Trust us – having all of the information regarding your claim is crucial if you want to receive all of the money that’s rightfully yours. And once you do – you’ll be well on your way to making the needed repairs to your home.

People repairing a roof after wind damage.
The sooner you file your claims, the sooner you’ll start working on repairs!

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