Fire prevention measures for businesses

Fire represents a threat that every man dreads. Fire is brutal and merciless. It’s also very difficult to fight against. After our premises catch fire, there’s not much going to be left waiting for us. Simply, fire swallows everything on its way. So, what can we do about it? As the times have been changing, man has come up with different ways to fight a fire. There are more than one liquids that we can use in order to suppress it. Also, there are many forms and gadgets made for firefighters that should help them save as much of our lives and belongings in the case that our apartments or businesses do catch fire. However, one of the best ways to catch fire is to prevent it. Therefore, we bring you fire prevention measures for businesses. We sincerely hope the following text helps you prevent accidental fires in your office.

Firefighter putting out the flame in a house
Should anything go wrong, make sure that your employees know that they should call firefighters as soon as possbile

What can trigger fire?

You might have heard something about it by now. Hopefully, you really have. There are three constituents to a fire:

  • Heat
  • Fuel
  • Oxygen

In order to prevent fire for good, you need to eliminate one of the above-mentioned elements. Simply, in order to make fire, or for a fire to get caught, all of the three need to be present. Eliminate one and you have successfully prevented fire. Obviously, it is very difficult to eliminate them. Therefore, it can also be quite difficult to prevent fire. Why? Let us explain.

Can you eliminate fuel?

Take a look around you. What can you see? Is there anything wooden, plastic or any made from paper around you? That’s right, there are plenty of items made from these materials. All of them can burn. Meaning, all of them can be fuel. In order to eliminate fuel, you have to make sure that you have only concrete and metal in your office. Now, that would be quite difficult would it not? Let’s move on.

One of the best fire prevention measures for businesses is to make sure that heat sources are limited and under control
Limit heat sources

Oxygen is all around us and it’s not going to go away just like that

Breathe in. Does it feel good? All of that oxygen that you are inhaling must make you feel good. Live your life with the full lungs they would say. That is what fire would say as well. Give me more oxygen I can hear it whisper. That’s right. You will not be eliminating oxygen from this equation.

What about eliminating heat as one of the fire prevention measures for businesses?

This leaves us with heat. The only way to prevent a fire is to eliminate a source of heat. I am sure that by now you have understood that is is going to be quite difficult a thing to do as well. After all, this means that you would not be able to have electricity in your office nor heating. And if we would go all the way back through history, we would remember that the point at which man learned how to make fire was the moment he became more independent than ever before. Therefore, let’s see what are other fire prevention measures for businesses.

Fire prevention measures for businesses – what are they?

First things first, we need to take a look what you can do in general in order to make sure that your place does not go up in flames.

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that all the installations in the building where your offices are located in are in functioning order. Too often does it happen that fire starts because of old wiring or burst pipes.
  • In case that you have any flammable material in your office, you need to make sure to keep it safe. For example, keep all of your gasoline should be in metal containers. Metal does not burn. Should an explosion occur, it would suppress the area that is going to be affected.
  • After you have done that, check alarming and fire suppression systems. Do they exist? Are they in functioning order? When was the last time that it was checked? Make sure that it is working since it can be a life savior should a fire start.
  • Train your staff to know what to do when the fire starts. Quick reaction is crucial to fire prevention.

General rules that you should follow

Here are the general rules that you should follow in order to put fire prevention measures for businesses to a good use:

  • Make sure that heat sources are well controlled.
  • In case that there is firefighting equipment, it should be accessible at all times. This means that no one is supposed to leave anything over it or block the corridor to it. Disobey this rule and you will be filing fire damage claims.
  • In the case that you need to store flammable materials in your office, make sure not to place them together. In the states with hot weather, flammables easily catch fire. You do not want them all piled up one next to another. Doing this is a safe road to public adjuster South Florida for example.
  • Keeping your work area clean and tidy is one of the best fire prevention measures for businesses. By keeping it clean you are keeping it safe.
  • “No smoking” signs play a more important role than you would think. Therefore, make sure to put them up anywhere where smoking is not allowed. Many accidental fires that take place start by human negligence.
Image of a fire extinguisher
Make sure that your employees know where fire extinguishers are and how they can use them

Should a fire break out, make sure that your employees know their way out

There is only so much that fire prevention measures for businesses can do in order to prevent fire. Just a short moment of uncarefulness and the fire can start raging. Therefore, make sure that you are ready for it. Place directions along the hallways with evacuation information. Make sure that all of your employees know where fire extinguishers are. Do your best to make them fit to use them. Ultimately, let them know that they should call the firefighters should anything go wrong.

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