How does compensation for hurricane damages in Florida work?

When you are living in Florida, hurricanes are something that you are going to witness a few times a year. Therefore, you need to find out how does compensation for hurricane damages in Florida work. If you’re not aware of how to do it, you may fall into a trap. This is why we have decided to prepare an article for you on this subject. We aim to provide you with enough information on compensation for hurricane damages in Florida so that you can file an insurance claim by yourself. Nevertheless, bear in mind that it’s always a good idea to have someone watching your back. Therefore, make a balanced decision whether you are going to go into this battle yourself. After all, you can gain a lot, but you may lose a lot as well. Here is what you should expect when you file for hurricane damages in Florida.

Clouds and lightning
Hurricanes are a natural disaster that can damage many of your belongings

Why do you need precise information on how compensation for hurricane damages in Florida works?

Insurance companies exist to help us feel safe in case that anything should happen to us or to our beloved ones. However, this is what we see from our point of view. If we looked from the point of view of the owner of an insurance company, the picture would be somewhat distorted. From the point of view of the company, they exist to make a profit. Therefore, some insurance companies may go as far as to exploit the loopholes of the contract.

They might try to keep more money to themselves.

Therefore, it is very important that you understood how the filing process works. Also, it is very important that you understand your rights as a policyholder. To help you put your policy in use and get compensation from it, we would suggest that you hire an expert public adjuster Florida. These people are professionals. They make their living helping people obtain compensation. Surely they will be of utmost help to you.

Prepare to file the claim for compensation for hurricane damages in Florida

The first thing that you need to do to successfully file a claim for compensation for hurricane damages in Florida is to get familiar with your insurance terms and your policy. It is crucial that you read your insurance policy a few times and try to figure out what articles can be interpreted in more than one ways. Then, try to come up with the answers to the question that your insurance company may ask you. You need to prepare to answer all questions correctly. Otherwise, your claim might be denied. This is one of the reasons why you should get professional help when filing an insurance claim.

In order to get compensation for hurricane damages in Florida requires you to understand the conditions of your insurance policy
Make sure to understand the terms and conditions of your insurance policy

Therefore, before you file a claim, make sure that you are familiar with the requirements of your insurance policy that you signed with your insurance company. In case that you cannot find your copy of the policy or if it might have bee destroyed in a disaster, fear not. Under Florida Statute 627.421, your insurance company is under an obligation to provide you with the latest version of the policy that you signed and terms under which it protects you. So, if you are unsure what to do first, get a copy of your policy and get information.

Keep communication in writing to get compensation for hurricane damages in Florida

Written communication is one of the key points in the reimbursement process. You should do your best to keep your communication with the insurance policy written because it will provide you and them with a trail of events and information exchanged. Also, if you ever need to get in touch with your insurance company by phone, make sure not to have the conversation recorded. Recordings are a good way to keep track of who-said-what. However, since you might be feeling some strong emotions after suffering damage from a hurricane disaster, you could say something that would not be in your favor or something that can be used against you. Therefore, keep it all in writing and play safe.

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Keep your communication with the insurance company in writing

What you need to file an insurance claim in order to get compensation for hurricane damages in Florida

Here is a short list of activities that you should conduct before you file a hurricane damage insurance claim:

  • Make a list of items that have been damaged or destroyed in the hurricane. The list should include information on the type of an item, its brand and the model. It would be useful to know its production year or at least when you obtained it.
  • Take photos. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is very useful to have photos in your file. They will make it easier on you to explain what has been damaged or destroyed. It will also help you bring the emotional aspect of the accident to the insurance company.
  • If there are neighbors who have witnessed your property’s destruction or damaging, ask them to write a statement.
  • It is important who you talk to from your insurance company. Therefore, make a logbook of who you have been talking to and what they said. Make clear notes so that in the case you might need them you would be able to it point out.
  • Last, but not least, prepare your previous inspection records. If they are in order, the insurance company will not be able to blame you for the damage that you had suffered.

Filing an insurance claim can be a drag. Still, if you have someone to help you get through the process, you should be fine and get compensation for hurricane damages in Florida.

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