How to avoid fraudulent claims adjusters

Your home has been flooded? Or you suffer some other property damages to your home? If this is a first time you are experiencing property damage you should be well prepared for this stressful event. Watching your home is ruined is enough stress without having to battle the insurance company over your claim. You don’t want to deal with insurance frauds. Avoid fraudulent claims adjusters and hire someone who is reliable to help you resolve problems you have. Hiring trustworthy public insurance adjuster Florida is the half of the successful property damages claim process.

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Keep your family and home safe by hiring reliable claims adjuster, avoid fraudulent one

Do your research and know your rights to avoid fraudulent claims adjusters

Be aware, the insurance frauds exist since the beginning of insurance. For people who suffer the damage to their homes for the first time, fraudulent claims adjusters are something new. If you are experiencing the damage on your property for the first time, you should be very careful when choosing the claim adjuster to help you with negotiations with the insurance company.

First, don’t be fooled by irrelevant questions

When the process of claiming a damage begins, don’t be fooled by many irrelevant questions some experienced adjusters may ask. They are in the business for a while and they want to make you admit that the damage is your fault. Always stick to your story and do not anyone change it. Sometimes even friendly conversation hides some different motive.

Take care of the numbers

Find out if there is a possibility of repair or you are suffering from a total loss. Hurricane damage, for example, is sometimes irreparable. Make sure to get some opinions from professionals and contractors who can help you with the level of damage your home is suffering.  Being confident in numbers you get, will help you deal with insurance adjusters and you will avoid frauds. Research the repairing costs and compare it to an adjuster’s. To avoid fraudulent claims adjusters you should be aware of the exact cost of the damage on your home. Sometimes, fraudulent claims adjusters want to provide you with a fast solution for the quick and easy repairs instead of complete repairs or accepting and paying for the total loss.

Get a copy of all documentation for your records

During the claiming process, make sure to receive all the necessary documents you need for your record. Every document is an important proof in case you are trying to avoid fraudulent claims adjusters. He wants to make more money – always remember that, and because of that you can experience some serious insurance claims frauds. So, be very careful, you don’t want to give your trust to someone you see for the first time before you do a good research. Make sure to be well informed and know your rights to avoid fraudulent claims adjusters. If you do it right, there will be no hidden traps for you to fall victim to. Fraudulent claims adjusters prey for the ill-informed clients.

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Get a copy of all documentation for your records and take care of numbers

Why Is It Important to Be Aware of Insurance Fraud?

Insurance frauds can cost you a lot! To avoid it, make sure to know some most common types of insurance fraud:

  • Never pay an insurance premium in cash.

If you need to pay an insurance premium, make sure to get a receipt.

  • Demand a copy of the insurance policy

When you suffer a damage on your home in Florida, you have to know the coverage and limitations of coverage in your insurance policy. It is important to ask your insurance company to provide you with. In this way, you will protect yourself from possible insurance frauds.

  • Stay alert!

Make sure to evaluate the accuracy of damage claims estimates. Fraudulent claims adjusters can increase the repair estimates. In this way, they do the damage repairs and the rest of the money they out in their pockets. So, stay alert and make sure to know the exact price for your property damage.

Before you sign any contract and agreement make sure to understand the entire process and know your rights

Steps to Prevent hiring fraudulent claims Adjusters

  1. Be educated about insurance frauds and know your rights

Being informed and educated about the insurance frauds will help you realize that this is the common problem in the USA. The insurance frauds are not victimless crimes. You don’t want to be another victim, so be prepared and make a good research before you start negotiating with the insurance company and claims adjusters.

  1. The reliable public adjuster must have legally practice.

Public insurance adjusters must have a license in every state they practice in. They must have the education to get their license. Our most important tip is: Do not work with anyone that offers to provide claim adjustment services if they are not licensed to do so.

  1. Ask your public adjusters for references

A referral from an acquaintance is the best sign you are dealing with the reliable public insurance adjuster. You can contact their previous clients to check their recommendations and to be sure you are not dealing with fraudulent claims adjusters. Make sure their previous customers have a good experience working with them.

  1. Check their experience

After checking your insurance adjuster’s licensing, make sure to ask about their experience. Do they have knowledge and experience with a type of insurance claims that are similar to yours? How long have they been in the business? These are the most important questions you should ask if you want to avoid fraudulent claims adjusters.

  1. Ask about their fees

Don’t work with a public adjuster who requires payment whether or not you receive a settlement from your insurance company. Usually, the reliable public claims adjusters take 5-15% of the claim amount.

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