How to file storm damage insurance claims?

High winds and a massive storm have damaged your home. Your next step is to call your public claims adjuster to inspect your home and claim. But, be prepared it is a process, and you need to know how to deal with it properly and successfully. Hire professional, a public adjuster, and you will speed up your insurance claim process and ensure you are paid for all damage to your home.

First, what you should know about the storm damage?

A storm usually includes tornado damage and the need for hurricane damage insurance claim. Also, high winds can cause severe wind damages. Storm events can cause different damages on your home, from damaged roofs, doors, windows to serious combination of storm and fire damages. The high storm can blow off the roof or can drive the water inside the property.

storm damage insurance claims - city at night and lightning thunder
Storms can make serious damages to your home

Tips for making a storm damage insurance claims

Mother of Nature can shake things seriously with large storms that lead to significant damages on your property. If you have proper insurance for the case of storm damages, we bring you a few tips for making storm damage insurance claim. We want to help you get back on track quickly and to get proper coverage for damages your property suffered.

After the storm damage, act quickly!

Make sure to claim your insurance company as quickly as possible after the storm damage. Many insurance companies have the limit for time to file a claim, so it is essential to make a claim as soon as the storm hits your property. Also, you want to repair your home before it has a chance to get worse.

Review your policy

To get the best possible deal, you need to read your policy carefully to be properly prepared for the process. Every insurance policy is different, and you need to review yours to get the information you need and to plead your case.

Document everything and keep records

After the storm damage occurs, you need to make some reports and to take pictures to document every damage and to file storm damage insurance claims properly. Also, it is good to have a list of home inventory and pictures of your home and possessions before the storm. This will help you prove the condition of your belongings before the damage.

notebook and hand writing
Make sure to update your home inventory regularly

When you file a claim, it is also important to document contacts with your insurance company. Make sure to keep records about the date, time and description of everything during the claim process. This is especially important if you need to complain later. If your insurer is rude or unprofessional, make sure to write it down. During the process of filling the storm damage claim, if you don’t have an inventory of possessions, try to find the pictures of rooms in your house from holidays and different celebrations, it can help to prove the condition of your belongings before the storm. Be aware that sometimes getting your insurance claim money can take weeks or months, so make sure to hire a professional public adjuster who can help you get the best and quick settlement. That’s why it is your next step to hire the experienced professional.

Hire experienced public adjuster and storm repair, contractor

Even you need to be informed about the claim process; it is good to have a professional opinion to be sure everything is done the right way. To get the best possible deal, hire professional and experienced public adjuster. They are specialized in finding and assessing the damages on your property. Also, with storm repair contractor you can repair your home quickly, from the roof to basement. If you can, get estimates from a few experts.

Be wary of scammers

Storm damage can bring scammers to your home offering you quick and cheap repairs. In the process of filling the insurance claim, you should be very careful and research everyone who offers you to repair your home. Only hire licensed, insured and experienced professional.

Here are some other important considerations for storm damage insurance claim

Clean before the adjuster arrives

When it comes to storm damage, our advice is to clean up immediately after the storm to stop further damage. Don’t forget to take photos and document your actions. Our suggestion is to sort the salvageable possessions from the non-salvageable. Start drying out your house to prevent mold. Clean and dry carpets that can be saved. Again, take photos of everything and make a list of your possessions with model numbers, serial numbers, etc.

man prepared to clean
Clean your house thoroughly after the damages

Know your coverage limitations

When it comes to your insurance, you need to know your coverage limitations. You need to know where is the limit on replacement cost payments, especially if your entire home is destroyed. Sometimes you cannot get the full replacement cost, so make sure to hire a professional to help you with any claim.

Don’t be afraid to file a claim

Don’t be afraid to file your insurance claim, especially if you hire a professional to help you. Just be patient, because sometimes claim process can last long. Whether you are making storm damage insurance claims, hurricane, fire or lightning damages insurance claims our suggestion is to hire professionals who can help you negotiate and get the best deal from your insurance company. In the case of insurance denial, also only professional have the experience to help you in the right way. In the process of making a storm damage insurance claims the most important is to respect the deadline and to be informed about your policy covered with all necessary documents and records.

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