In-house fire hazards to consider

The fire can cause serious damages to your home and can devastate your life! Home fires can happen quickly, but unlike other disasters, you can prevent it. The fire can be caused by the burning candles or by the unattended food in the kitchen. But, all the in-house fire hazards are preventable. Here are some safety tips to minimize the risks.

Kitchen Fires

Besides many other in-house fire hazards, kitchen fires are the most common. Many fires start in the kitchen during cooking. Be aware of all the dangers if you leave unattended food in the kitchen. Stay in the kitchen when cooking, frying, etc. Also, make sure there are no paper towel dispensers, curtains, and other easily flammable items near the burners. Always have a fire extinguisher near the kitchen so you can react quickly if a fire happens. In case you have a microwave, make sure it’s surrounding is clean and nothing is blocking its vents.

Keep an eye on the kitchen.

Candles – most common in-house fire hazards

Candles can be very dangerous. Many fires in the USA were started because of-of the candles. They took lives, caused injuries and serious damages to homes. In case your home suffers fire damage, professional fire damage adjuster can help you fill the insurance claim, but you need to be careful to avoid these types of complications.  So, here are few safety tips for using candles:

  • Blow out all candles when you leave the room
  • Avoid the use of candles in the bedroom and near curtains
  • Keep them away from anything that can burn easily
  • Use candle holders
  • Don’t burn a candle all the way down.

Be careful when – Smoking

Smoking in the house is one of the leading cause of fire deaths in the United States. Sounds terrifying, right? Well, take some safety tips to avoid the risk:

  • If you smoke, smoke outside.
  • Use ashtrays.
  • Before you throw away ashes, make sure they are completely out by dousing with water.
  • Keep matches and lighters out of reach of children.


While heating your home, make sure it is safe. Heating equipment can cause home fires. When it comes to winter, you should be very careful when keeping your home warm. So, make sure to keep flammable materials away from the heating item. If you have a fireplace, make sure your chimney is cleaned and properly maintained by the professional at least once a year. Never keep your heating appliances turned on while asleep or when you leave your home.

Man playing with some flames.
Never play with the fire.

Clothes Dryer

Dryers are also responsible for many home fires. Check all your appliances and make sure they are safe for work. Especially if have older appliances make sure they are in good condition. Call the professional to check them before start using them.

Electrical Outlets

Inspect your electrical outlets because many of appliances and electronics have to plug in. So, hire a professional to check it and avoid running extension cords under rugs. Be aware, electronics are one of the most common in-house fire hazards. Make sure your lamps are using the proper wattage of bulbs. Also, keep your televisions and computers away from anything flammable because they can overheat!

Electronics? They can overheat easily and that is why they present in-house fire hazards!

Barbeque Grill

Not only rooms in your home are places with fire hazards. You must also check your garage, basement, and yard. There are same dangerous. Check your barbeque grill and place it away from home. Avoid holding piles of newspapers near some heat source in your garage. Make sure gasoline or other flammable liquids are properly sealed in metal containers and away from heat sources.


Alcohol and fire are a deadly combination. So, don’t put your family at the risk to fire. Follow their safety tips:

  • Drink Responsibly!
  • After a party check your room items from spilled alcohol and cigarette ashes
  • Avoid smoking when you have been drinking heavily.
  • If you drink, avoid cooking
  • Avoid using candles when consuming alcohol.

Have an escape plan!

Despite you take all precautions, something may go unexpectedly wrong and fire can happen quickly. So, you should have an escape plan and to know how to react in case of fire. Make sure you have existed from each room (window or door). Avoid using rooms without windows. Show your escape plan to the entire family and make sure everyone can safely escape in less than 2 minutes.

Your home should have a Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms can save you from the troubles. They can help your family survive the fire. So, make sure they are in good shape.

  • Don’t forget to test them regularly and to change the batteries
  • Test them once a month and change the batteries every 6 months

Make sure you have a fire insurance

Fire insurance is property insurance that covers damages caused by fire. Make sure to purchase it to cover the cost of replacement, repair, or reconstruction of property. Make sure to know the limits of your policy and learn how to fill the claim. If you are not sure how properly to do it, hire public claims adjuster to help you fill the insurance claim and to get the best deal from your insurance company.

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