Common mistakes people make during a hurricane

Staying safe in the times of natural disasters should be everyone’s goal. While all of us try to do our best to protect our family in such dangerous times, there are those who fail to do so. Some fail due to the nature of the disaster. If you happen to find yourself on the direct path of the storm, there’s only so much you can do. There are, however, certain deadly steps that you should avoid doing no matter how strong the storm is. We are going to try and teach you what you shouldn’t do when the storm’s approaching. Hopefully, these tips that we have prepared are going to save both lives and property in the future. After all, the only thing that we know today is that there are going to be hurricanes in the future. These are the common mistakes people make during a hurricane.

What is a hurricane?

In order to understand what not to do, we need to understand what we are fighting against. What is hurricane exactly?

Stormy clouds
Make sure to be ready when the storm heads your way

Hurricane is a storm system that rotates at very high speeds. It brings destruction and heavy rainfall to the region where it forms. It is mostly characteristic for the Atlantic ocean and Northeastern Pacific. However, it forms in the Western Pacific and Indian oceans as well. In those places, it is known under different names such as the typhoon or a tropical storm. Dangerous as it is, there are ways to protect your property against a storm.

Hurricanes are natural formations that are very well known to the states located in the Southern USA on the Eastern, Atlantic, coast. The most recent hurricane to strike this area was the Hurricane Michael that struck in October 2018. It was the third-most-powerful hurricane to strike the USA ever. One of its aftermaths was the fact that 1.2 million people were left without electricity for a number of days.

The common mistakes people make during a hurricane

One of the most common mistakes people make during a hurricane is to wait to long with evacuation
Make sure not to make a mistake when the hurricane threatens to strike your area

We are going to show you what are the most common mistakes people make when the hurricane strikes. Also, we will give you suggestions what to do on such occasions so that your family survives the hurricane intact. These are the most common mistakes people make during a hurricane:

  • Underestimate the power of the hurricane.
  • Not preparing enough food to last for days
  • Postponing evacuation
  • Overtrusting your home
  • Overlooking safety regulations

Underestimating the power of the hurricane

The first on our list of the most common mistakes people make during a hurricane is that they underestimate the power of the hurricane heading towards them. This is not something that you should let happen to you. When you hear that there is a hurricane heading into your direction, you should closely follow the advises that the authorities give out. Stay informed, follow them and you should be fine.

Prepare enough food to last for days

The second place on our list of the most common mistakes people make during a hurricane is that they fail to prepare enough food for them and their family. This mistake is a common one. When you see reports on the TV about crowded shops filled with people fighting over food supplies, know that those are the people that made this common mistake. You do not want to be one of them. In order to be ready for whatever may come at any given moment, you need to have supplies of food in your home as insurance, to last you three days. This is the only way that you are going to keep your family fed.

Postponing evacuation

Evacuation is an important aspect of being safe from a hurricane. In order to be just that, make sure to follow the orders by authorities. There are many people who neglect them. It may feel safe to stay where you are at the moment of the evacuation order. Still, be aware that the authorities know more than we do. For them, evacuation is a serious process. It is up to them to see it through. If you stay behind, you are going to put your family at risk.

Furthermore, once you decide to join to wave of people leaving the area, you might end up stranded on the highway. If you decide not to move out at all, you will put policemen at risk since they will come looking for you. Evacuations mean that many people need to leave a particular area. Most of them are going to leave by car. Be among the first to leave and you will reach safety for sure.

Overtrusting your home

Another issue with dealing with hurricanes is the fact that people tend to overtrust their homes. Therefore, it found its place on our list of the most common mistakes people make during a hurricane.

Image of a house?
Are you sure that your house can withstand a hurricane?

If it is your desire to stay in your home while the hurricane is raging outside, you need to be certain that your house is hurricane-proof. Hurricane damage is very threatening to the lives of people. Not only can your house be torn down and you left to fight the force of the hurricane by yourself, but the debris from other destroyed buildings can hurt you as well. Therefore, make sure that your house is able to protect you from the hurricane before you decide to stay in it.

Overlooking safety regulations

If the storm has passed, not necessarily is the danger as well. There are many life-threatening circumstances of hurricane’s passing that are left up in the air after the storm. Therefore, make sure to follow the safety regulations. Furthermore, we urge you once again to follow the directions and orders issued by the authorities. After the damage has passed and it is safe to go back into your homes, you will be able to contact a public insurance adjuster Florida to help you file your insurance claim.

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