Most common insurance claim mistakes

Everybody can find themselves in a situation to file an insurance claim. In that situation, the stress of the situation and many other factors can cause you to make some of the most common insurance claims mistakes. Those mistakes are easy to make. However, they can lead to serious consequences like delayed payments or insurance denial. In case you are dealing with an insurance company, consider our guide. Our guide will help you get familiar with the most common insurance claim mistakes you should avoid preventing problems and insurance denial.

Most common insurance claim mistakes

Dealing with the insurance company can get frustrating for anyone who may not have the experience with this process. In case you have to file any type of insurance claim, insurance companies will ask for details, different paperwork, and specific reports. However, it is very important to get familiar with this process before you file even the burst pipe insurance claim. The unfortunate events already caused you enough stress and damage. And even the smallest common insurance claim mistakes can cause complications and even more stress. For this reason, you should consider the most usual mistakes people make because they fail to:

Consider finding the quality public insurance adjuster to represent your interests with the insurance company.
  • contact the insurance company when the damages happens
  • get the complete paperwork
  • read your insurance policy in detail
  • cooperate with the insurance company etc.

Some of the most common insurance claim mistakes happen because we are not careful. To avoid complications and insurance denial, make sure to check your contract and read everything carefully before you proceed.

Not contacting the insurance company right after the accident or loss

One of the most common insurance claim mistakes is failing to notify your insurance provider immediately after the accident happens. In case of loss or an accident, you will prove and adjust your claim without difficulty. Right after the situation occurs the evidence is fresh, and it’s easier to prove your claim.

Keep in mind that physical evidence may change over time or your witness may forget small and significant details. On the other hand, your insurance company can have the special clause in the contract stating that timely notice is one of the conditions of coverage. Most insurance companies require you to notify them right after the event happens. In case you fail to do that, they may refuse to make a payment and deny your insurance claim.

Filing the incomplete paperwork

As we all know, dealing with paperwork can be tricky especially in case you need to file an insurance claim. Sometimes it is safer t keep a record of your conversations with an insurance company representative. On the other hand, it is best f you keep a copy of all the documents you have on file. In case of an emergency, you will be able to find them without difficulty.

writing down on papers
Make sure to have help when you fill out the important insurance company paperwork before filing a claim.

In case of any damage, make sure to document the scene and take pictures if you can. Pictures can be a valuable asset when making an insurance claim.

Staying uncooperative with your insurer

Homeowner insurance law ball estimates can make you become uncooperative with your insurer. However, they need you to stay cooperative in order to settle your car insurance claim without delays. In case you fail to provide all the information and documentation your insurer needs, he can deny you coverage. Insurance companies usually point out loss conditions of your policy. They outline your obligations as a customer which you need to comply with in order to obtain payment or a claim. In most cases, the insurer obligates you to cooperate with the insurance company no matter the situation you are facing.

Failure to question your insurance company’s estimate

Most physical damage claims are concluded based on the insurer’s calculations. They estimate the value of the damage of your property. Property damage is calculated based on the replacement costs or actual cash value. However, most insurance companies have their own insurance adjusters that estimate the damage. One of the most common insurance claim mistakes is believing that the insurance company’s estimate is accurate. Sometimes insurance companies will do an estimate for the actual replacement costs without including labor costs. This is only one example of inadequate estimate insurance companies make. However, there is a solution to this problem.

Make sure to question your insurance company estimate.

In case you are questioning your insurance company’s estimate of your damage, consider finding outside help. A reliable claims adjuster Florida can help. Public claims adjuster is an independent party who can represent your interests when dealing with your insurance company. He can make a new estimate before filing an insurance claim. Quality claims adjusters will make sure to get enough evidence to prove the right amount of the damage. They can help you fill out all the right paperwork and assist in every step of the way. Public adjusters are here to negotiate the terms of your claim with your insurance company. Professionals highly recommend that you hire a public insurance adjuster to help you if you don’t have much experience in making any claims.

Loss of damaged property

We all have the need to clean up the property or our space when it gets damaged by a fire, water or other peril. But cleaning up or changing the damage site in any way is one of the most common insurance claim mistakes you can make. You should leave everything as is until the property insurance adjuster can inspect it and make an official report. If you change everything, your insurance company can argue that you destroyed crucial evidence of a loss. They can deny your insurance claim for this reason. So, to avoid any problems with your insurance company, notify them mediately of any damage to your property as soon as it happens.

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