Most common office fire risks

Office fires are the worst thing that can happen to a business. Even in case, no one gets hurt, the damages are countless. In case of this unfortunate circumstance, the business can also suffer a great deal. The situation may cause business operations to come to a halt and push customers to find an alternative solution for their needs. Most common office fire risks may seem similar to in-house fire hazards. However, there are certain differences you should be aware of at all times when working in an office. In most cases, office fires may be prevented. But that is possible only when people that work inside an office stay aware and careful. Use our guide to find out more about the most usual fire hazards in an office.

Be aware of the most common office fire risks

There are numerous reasons why fires break out in an office. Many of the fires are caused by negligence in the workplace. And with more care and attention they can be prevented. It is important every business owner identifies most common office fire risks. If he does, he will be able to minimize the risk of a potential hazard.

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Electrical equipment

Faulty electrical equipment is one most usual cause of the fire in the office. To prevent this hazard, keep in mind to check if any cables are loose or damaged. Power sockets that suffer damage need to be replaced as soon as possible. On the other hand, unsafe power cords, heaters or smoking in the workplace are the catastrophe waiting to happen.

Damaged Power Cords

Using the power cords constantly over time can cause damage. Electrical wires cover wore out and exposed wires inside. Although small wire exposure may not seem like a big deal, it is very risky. Open wires can cause electric shock and sparks. And sparks usually lead to an office fire to if any flammable materials happen to be nearby.

There are power cords in every office, especially if you have a big staff where everyone has its own computer, monitor and printer. There are also lamps, small kitchen kettles, small microwave, and various phone and other changes. To make sure your office is safe to make sure to check all of the power cords and replace any that may seem unsafe. Bear in mind that sometimes even the smallest damage can cause electric wiring problem and cause a fire. That fire can spread to all of your office electrical devices.

Overloading Sockets

Most people that work in an office don’t think about most common office fire risks. Extension lead is usually used in every work environment. However, numerous electrical devices may not have their own electrical socket every time. Extension cords are the perfect solution. However, it is not always safe to use every available socket there is. Overloading the extension cord can be a real fire hazard. Two many devices could cause a fire if the extension cord gets warm. This type of fire is easily spread resulting in hundreds of dollars in damages. It is important you minimize the risk and avoid having to deal with a fire damage adjuster any time soon. Fire damage adjusters are professionals who can asses the fire damage for insurance purposes. It is best to be careful when using too many extension cords plugged in one another.

Lighted cigarettes are one of the most common office fire risks.

Heaters in the workplace

One of the most common fires starters are objects that generate heat in the workplace. When regular AC is not enough to warm the bigger office spaces, everyone uses various types of space heaters to get warm. But not all space heaters are equipped to turn off if you tip them over. It is easy to forget to turn the heater off. In any case, space heaters present a major fire hazard. Regular heaters may cause a fire if you place them in proximity to any combustible materials offices are filled with. To prevent major problems, consider using a heater approved for commercial use. Avoid using space heaters with extension cords.

Other potential office fire hazards

As we said before, there are numerous things that can cause a fire in the workplace. Other potential hazards include:

  • Smoking – discarded cigarettes can cause fires easily. If anyone is smoking near flammable materials, it is very unsafe. For this reason, smoking areas should be in the part of the building without any materials that can catch fire.
  • Faulty smoke detectors – can make all the difference. In case of a fire, smoke detectors that don’t work properly won’t react on time. If this happens office fire will spread and cause even more damage. To make sure you reduce the most common office fire risks, consider performing regular maintenance of all fire-fighting equipment.
  • Electrical systems – make sure your electrical systems are maintained regularly. Keep in mind that each business should plan for hazards to secure the workplace.

What happens if you need to make an insurance claim?

In case of a fire, you will need to deal with an insurance company. It is possible your insurance company refuses to cover damages. In that case, you will need to contact a quality insurance adjuster Florida. An insurance adjuster can help you sort out this situation and estimate the real fire damage as an independent party. He is here to represent your interests during these proceedings.

Consider getting the best insurance policy for your business and stay safe.

In case your insurance company provides an inaccurate estimate of your loos, you will need to hire a professional to help you get insurance coverage. Even if you get an insurance denial, a quality insurance adjuster can fight that claim. He is here to provide a fair estimate and do everything he can to make the insurance company cover your loses. Consider getting the best fire insurance policy and avoid the most common office fire risks for the best safety measures in the workplace.

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