The risks of having a pool in the backyard

It is the dream of every kid out there to be able to spend an extended period of time at the swimming pool every day. Then again, spending time at a swimming pool in your own backyard is much more convenient. As time goes by, this dream never really dies. Instead, different obligations and the daily routine that catches up with all of us bury the dream deep into the depths of our souls. However, when we see a house with a pool, the dream awakes again. For a moment we feel just like we did when we were five. The dream is back on its feet again, shyly peeping over our shoulder. Therefore, the dream is true. Unfortunately, only a small number of people actually get to live the dream. The rest of us, keep on imagining. Still, there are risks of having a pool in the backyard.

Man swimming butterfly style in an olympic-sized pool
Use your swimming pool responsibly to avoid the risks of having a pool.

Consider those most exposed to risks of having a pool in the backyard

In order to begin, we must make sure all of us understand who is under the most risks. It is the children. Children are the most vulnerable age group and are most exposed to the risks of having a pool in the backyard.

With their carefree lives, they are one of the victims that most easily suffer consequences of something that was supposed to bring them joy. Therefore, it is up to us, the adults to teach them what they need to know. This means that every child needs to know what he or she can do when they go swimming and what is something that they should not even think about doing. Therefore, you will need to install rules of behavior at swimming pools. If we manage to teach them these basics, they will have fun and safe time in the swimming pool.

Fence off your swimming pool from unauthorized access

Many municipalities require private pools to have a fence around them. The type of a fence is up to you. Still, we would suggest choosing a fence made from stiff steel bars. Make sure not to place any steel bars across the fence. This will help unwanted visitors to gain access to the pool. The last thing you would want is to have to file vandalism insurance claims. Therefore, your fence should be at least 5ft high. It’s better if it is higher than shorter just like it is better to be safe than sorry.

Financial risks of having a pool in the backyard

Another one of the risks that you are facing, in case that you are planning on investing a swimming pool in your backyard, is financial. Swimming pools are very expensive ventures. They are expensive to build and can be expensive to maintain. Furthermore, do not expect the value of your house to rise for the exact amount that you have invested in building a swimming pool. Simply, the real estate market does not work that way. Therefore, bear this in mind if you are thinking about buying a swimming pool for your home.

One of the risks of having a pool in the backyard is financial expenses.
Make sure that you can afford to have a swimming pool

Maintenance is key to minimizing risks of having a pool in the backyard

Swimming pools, no matter whether they are made from concrete or they are mobile, hold a lot of water. As you might have thought about by now, water can pose a threat to your house and the backyard itself. Since we are pretty certain that you would not be interested in filing water damage insurance claims, we would suggest you keep up your maintenance once the pool has been installed. Really, pools are supposed to be sources of joy and relaxation. If you do not take care of them, they can easily turn into a source of frustration. Therefore, if you are investing in a swimming pool, you should make sure to invest in a maintenance as well.

Water attracts lightning

This is one that we often forget about while we should not. Have you ever wondered why lifeguards would not let you swim during a rain shower? That is because a large amount of water present on a flat ground can easily attract lightning. Should it struck, you may lose your life or be severely hurt. In some other, less grim, circumstances, your property could be damaged. Then, the next logical step that you would need to take would be to contact insurance adjuster Florida. Is this really a road that you would want to walk on? If it’s not, then make sure that no one is playing in the swimming pool when it is raining outside. In order to make sure that it is safe to go back into the water, you should follow the flash-to-bang rule.

Lightning strikes the tallest object in its vicinity. If you are swimming in your pool at that time, you might just be that tallest object

Diseases spread quickly and easily in swimming pools

It is very important to keep your swimming pool clean. Given the fact that there will be many people bathing in the same water, you need to make sure that the water is clean. In order to do to that, follow the following guidelines:

  • Use a cover for the pool when you are not swimming in it. This will make sure that not leaves, branches or other stuff get inside.
  • Make sure to use water filters. You should change water filters on a regular basis.
  • Do not let babies with diapers get into the pool.
  • Your pets may love water, but they do not belong in your swimming pool.
  • If you have an open wound, stay out of the pool.
  • Everyone should shower before entering the pool.

If you need more in-depth guidelines for maintaining your swimming pool clean, take a look at the basic pool care checklist.

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