Should you insure property in storage?

Millions of people keep their belongings in some type of storage unit. Over the past few decades, self-storage opportunities have grown exponentially. Nowadays there are storage possibilities in every corner and one in every ten American rents a storage unit. If you are the person considering renting a storage unit or you already use some sort of storage, you may consider the safety of your belongings. Use our guide and find more about the ways to insure property in storage and find a unit that fits your current needs.

Using storage

When people move, get divorced or just need additional storage space for their belongings, they use self-storage services. On the other hand, various storage possibilities have become an efficient way for big companies and corporative firms to store their belongings. However, there are people that live in areas where hurricanes happen. Also, there are areas where natural disasters are possible. This is another reason why people choose to rent a storage unit, to better prepare for natural disasters. But even the storage units aren’t immune to a hurricane. To keep your belongings safe, professionals advise that you should always insure property in storage.

Snow landscape.
Prepare your storage unit for snow.

This huge industry has reached its peak during the last few decades. The average 10×10 storage unit costs approximately $115 per month while you can rent the same size unit with climate control option for $146. The price of the storage unit may vary depending on the size, the type and the services you use. However, most people rent out and insure property in storage units only temporarily.

Why should you insure property in storage?

Storage unit insurance program is there for a reason. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to repair or replace any property you leave inside of a storage unit that gets damages. Sometimes your belongings can be destroyed due to unexpected circumstances like fire, flood or a hurricane. On the other hand, there are people who destroy storage units by arson on purpose. Accidentals fires may happen also. A quick fire or water hazard can result in millions of dollars in damages. In case you don’t have insurance, you may not be able to file a water damage insurance claim. Many people that don’t insure property in storage face a substantial loss in case of any similar situation. Having insurance while storing your belongings is a safety measure that can save you a lot of money in case any damage occurs.

Numerous storage facilities have various security measures in place. Video surveillance is something every quality facility should offer. However, even with the best quality security, you may not be able to recover any property if stolen. In most cases, smaller items are hard to track while bigger items like furniture pieces and household goods are easier to track. In case your vehicle gets stolen there is a fifty-fifty percent chance you will recover it. That is why it is important you insure property in storage. Storage facilities usually offer insurance for your belongings. But keep in mind that they may set a limit to the value of certain high-value items. Items that are quite valuable like jewelry or classic cars may not be properly covered by the insurance coverage storage facility offers. For this reason, you should consider getting additional insurance policy if planning to insure property in storage.

How to choose the right storage facility for your belongings?

Finding the right storage facility for your belongings is quite important. You may choose a storage facility based on:

  • Location
  • Size of the unit
  • Type of units
  • The price

No matter the preference, you should make sure that the storage facility you choose is the perfect solution for your needs. To do that, you should conduct small research to check the company in detail. Make sure that the storage company you like has a valid license and the id number. You can also check if the company has or had any record or unresolved issues in the past. After you make sure your storage company is legitimate, consider checking services the company offers. When you know that the storage company you prefer provides the services that you need, make sure they can insure property in storage.

Mold damage is something that is very real and something you should prepare for.

Every reliable storage company in your area should include or provide some kind of insurance possibility for your belongings. Depending on the type of items you will be storing, ask the company representative to explain the specifics of each insurance possibility. It is crucial you know the details in the case any damage happens to your items while in storage. You should know all the procedures in case you need to file an insurance claim. In case you need to make a mold damage insurance claim, you should be prepared in advance. Anything can happen, and you should make sure you have the best insurance plan in place to protect your belongings.

Insure property in storage and stay safe

There are numerous reasons why your belongings can get damaged or stolen while in a storage unit. Natural disasters may happen, and the storage facility may suffer loss. To avoid potential loss if something happens, you should make sure you have the best insurance plan that will protect all of your belongings. However, if the worst happens and you need to file an insurance claim, it is best you have a professional to represent your interests. Quality public adjuster Florida can help you deal with any insurance problem you may face. He will help you create a formal estimate of your losses and collect insurance. In case you need to store items of high value, make sure you insure property in storage for their full value.

Your safety is what comes first.

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