The deadline for settling an insurance claim in FL

What is the deadline for settling an insurance claim in FL? Well, there is no universal deadline for settling a claim. Or, more precisely – it all depends on your policy. That is why you may have to know a few things, so read on to learn more.

No Strict deadline for settling an insurance claim in FL but…

As we already said, it all depends on the insurance policy. Most of them have a vague timeline for settling a claim, so it’s just usually stated as within a reasonable time… And it’s up to you to know what does this means. Some states like New York do require to file a claim within a month of the accident unless you are not able to do so. Still, as this is just an informative article, you may need to consult a lawyer for legal advice. We recommend contacting professional insurance adjuster. Our job is to review your policy to identify all aspects of coverage that could be applied to your claim and present the claim to your insurance carrier. After that, we negotiate with the insurance carrier on your behalf and settle the claim quickly for the maximum amount you are entitled to. As you see, we will help you every step of the way – from the very beginning to the very end of your damage claim process. And we know how stressful this moment is to you, and we will do everything that’s in our power to make it easier on you.

handshake for settling an insurance claim in FL
Handshake for settling an insurance claim in FL

The steps of the claim process

As we already said, hiring a professional gives you the greatest chance settling an insurance claim in FL successfully. In this way, you will get the best legal advice for your exact case. Also, here’s how to determine property damage.

With that said, your claim starts once you report the accident and initiate the claim and finishes once you accept (or deny) an offer from your claims adjuster insurance company. You should always negotiate but try not to settle for anything less than the highest possible settlement. If you by chance experience insurance denial, here’s what you can do. Also remember that different insurance companies handle claims in a different way, so ask around to see what is the best for your individual case. With this said, here is our best guide for choosing an insurance agency.

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Let professionals handle this one for you!

What about the delay

If you waited for some time before settling an insurance claim in FL, there are few things to consider. Firstly, in theory, the insurance companies are not really affected if you file your complaint late. This is especially the case if you have proofs such as videos and photos of the accident. With that, your insurance company is not entitled to reject your claim based on the evidence even long after the accident. They can only deny your claim if you harm the company itself in some way. In other cases, the insurance company may even be held responsible for turning down your claim.

Still, this is not always the case and your insurance company can turn you easily down for just being late. In this way they have a good reason for turning down your complaint. They may not be right, but in that case, you would have to file a case against them which is a whole other scenario. The cost of this lawsuit will probably be much higher than the costs of the accident.

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Time is money.

How to file a claim

You should file for settling an insurance claim as soon as possible with the insurance company. This is easily done by filling a claim over the phone or online. That will begin the settlement negotiation process. After that, you will get a reservation of rights letter from your insurance company. This means that they will investigate your case but are still not admitting to any liability for your accident. If you need more help in understanding this letter, you should again seek legal help with the professional. Once you recover from the accident, you will send a demand letter to the insurance company. In it, you will explain all the things you lost or in which way you were hurt during the accident.

The claims adjuster

After that, the claim adjuster will see through your demand letter. They will talk with you about the compensation offer. This is when you will need to negotiate so try not to accept any low offers. Of course, you have every right to agree on any amount that is acceptable to you. Claim adjusters will do their best for you to understand the settlement claim process and will try to make a fair offer. However, in some cases, it may happen that you will have to deny the offer and create a completely different offer. If this happens, you will again write the letter to claims adjuster explaining your new offer. Always explain all details about the accident to make clear how much you lost. If you are lowering tour demand, do not lower it too much. After that, you will continue to work with the claims adjuster. Always defend your rights and point out to evidence to get the best chance to get the compensation you want. Once you reach the final settlement offer you have to see if this is the best offer you can get.

In the end, although you have a lot of time for settling an insurance claim in FL, you should not wait too long. In this way, you are just giving your insurance company a reason not to accept your claim. Also, by respecting the filling a complaint as soon as possible, you are protected in cases of an unexpected lawsuit. If you have to bring things to court, you will surely not miss the deadline of the lawsuit case.

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