Tips for negotiating with insurance companies

In the state of Florida, when you experience a damage to your property, you are entitled to compensation. In many cases, it is not the best idea to negotiate with insurance companies on your own. We suggest you hiring reliable public insurance adjuster Florida to assist you. If you have just experienced the damaged property, we bring you some tips for negotiating with insurance companies. We understand how hard is to negotiate under the pressure and stress, that’s why we offer you help to make this process as easy as possible.

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Before you start negotiating with insurance companies, make sure to understand how the negotiating process works

First, understand how the negotiation process works

If you want to start the negotiating with insurance companies process, you need to understand how this process works. The first step of the negotiating process is filling a residential insurance claim. The second, insurance adjuster reviews your claim to offer you a settlement. The adjuster will accept your offer or will offer you another proposal. This process will be done when you and the insurance company agree on the settlement. But, to get the best settlement you need to learn some tips and tricks.

Tips for negotiating with insurance companies

In order to negotiate the best settlement, you have to follow tips:

  • Be prepared for the settlement negotiation

When it is time to start with negotiations, you have to be well prepared for it. You should learn about the steps involved in the settlement negotiation. You have to gather all the necessary information and evidence about the damages on your property. Being prepared is the way to stay calm and confident during the settlement negotiation process.

  • Being patient is the key to successful negotiation

We suggest not to jump at the first settlement option. You have to stay patient during the whole process. If you want to secure to get the maximum from your settlement it is worth to stay patient.

  • Be persistent!

To get the settlement you want, it is necessary to be persistent. You should never rush with the settlement. The key is to stay persistent in moving your claim forward.

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Be patient and persistent when start negotiating and never settle for the first offer you get from the insurance company

How to prepare yourself for negotiating process?

As we mentioned, being prepared for the negotiating process is the key to success. You have to know how much money if fair settlement for you. To prove your case and to get the best settlement you have to gather:

  • Bills for equipment you need for the home recovery
  • Reports and bills of destroyed items
  • The policy for the damaged property

When you come up with the number you are satisfied with, you can present it to the insurance company.

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Set up your goals and gather all important paperwork you need for the successful negotiation with insurance companies

Present your case and start negotiating

When you go to present your case, keep the number in your mind and do not drop below it. You should be persistent to get the settlement you want. The insurance company always offers a much lower settlement. So, be persistent and patient and hit the insurance company with another number. The end is when you get the number you want.

Do not accept the settlement that is under your bottom line

When you experience the property damage in Florida, you should calculate all costs and bills to create a bottom line settlement price. This is the lowest payment you should require. No matter how much the insurance company offers you, you should not accept the price that is under your bottom line. With this number on your mind, you can start negotiating with insurance companies. Be confident and do not give up about your ideal settlement.

Do not take the first offer from an insurance company and wait for a better and higher offer. Be confident and do not give up about your ideal settlement.

Resist taking the first offer

The insurance company will offer you a settlement, but you should not take the first offer. Usually, the first offers are lower than the number the insurance company can pay out. This is the oldest negotiation trick, insurance companies always have room to raise the settlement price. So, do not take the first offer and wait for a better and higher offer.

Do not take offers that can’t be explained

Remember when you start negotiating: the insurance adjuster is working for the insurance company, not for you. He/she will try to take the advantage of your inexperience to get the settlement best for the company. So, for any offer adjuster gives you, you should ask for the explanation.

Make sure there is a paper trail about your negotiating process if there is a case for a lawsuit

Make sure there is a paper trail about your negotiating process

When you start negotiating with insurance companies, it is very important to keep proper records about the process. After you get the settlement you are satisfied with, it is very important to have everything in writing. Never trust verbal agreements. You want to have a formal and written contract to protect yourself from the possibility that the insurance company changes the offer. Written records are always good to have if there is a case for a lawsuit.

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