What are the benefits of mobile homes?

Having a comfy home is great. You get to enjoy your fair share of space where everyone in your family can have a niche for themselves. Just like in Guns ‘N’ Roses Song “November Rain”, we agree that “Everybody needs some time on their own”. Now, owning a home for your family in a nice neighborhood is great. Kids get to play with other kids from the block. There is a school which they attend. They have steady friends that they’ve known all of their lives. Then again, when the summer comes, every kid would appreciate having an opportunity to spend as much time at the seaside as possible. On the other hand, wouldn’t every child be happy to spend as much time up in the mountains over winter? After all, when you don’t own a house, but a home on wheels, you can exploit the benefits of mobile homes.

Caravans parked on a cliff next to the sea
This could be you in the summer

What are mobile homes?

Right now is the best time to explain what mobile homes are. As some of our readers, who never came across the term mobile home, will assume, mobile homes can be caravansHowever, caravans are not the only type mobile homes out there.

All mobile homes have in common the following things:

  • A chassis
  • Axle(s) and
  • Wheels which they can be towed on.

They are prefabricated in a factory. Factories make them in such a way that you can just attach them to a truck one day and off you go. Obviously, if the size of your mobile home allows you to. If it is too big, you might need to get in touch professional home movers.

What is the difference between mobile homes and manufactured homes?

Also, it is important to make out the difference between mobile homes and manufactured homes. What we will be talking about today and what you will probably see in the streets if you happen to come by one mobile home someday is manufactured home. 

A manufactured home is a modern house that you can take with you. Just like a mobile home, it has an axel and wheels. The only difference between those two is in the structure. As a matter of fact, many years ago, in the mid-20th century, mobile homes started picking up. However, back then they did not use to be very safe. As it usually goes, some unwanted issues started happening more and more. Since that could not go on anymore, the government grabbed the bull by the horns. This resulted in new regulations introduced in 1976. Any mobile home built after this year is called manufactured home. This is what you will see today if you go looking for a mobile or manufactured home.

Affordability is one of the benefits of mobile homes

One of the biggest benefits of mobile homes is their affordability
Pay less and get more with mobile homes

In case that you are having issues gathering enough money to buy a regular house, you are going to be delighted to hear what we are about to tell you. Mobile homes come much cheaper than normal housesAnd you can take them with you wherever you want to go to! Remember what we spoke about in the beginning of this text? Summer on an oceanfront, winters in the mountains? You could totally pull it off!

Comparing to the price of regular houses we are glad to tell you that manufactured homes are more than twice as cheap! Obviously, the difference in price is going to vary depending on the location. Therefore, it might be better to point out that today you can get a single-wide mobile home for as low as $45,000!

Another benefit on the list of benefits of mobile homes is the ability to live anywhere you want to

Why would you live in one town if you can live in any town?

Benefits of mobile homes include the ability to take your home with you wherever you may be going. So, are you afraid of thunderstorms and hurricane damage? Why wouldn’t you just leave the area when the hurricanes become a threat? All that you would need to do is to attach your home to a truck and off you go with everything that you have. Plus, owners of mobile homes have a sense of belonging to a community wherever they go. They are just like motorcycle riders.

Truck on a road
A truck like this one could be moving your manufactured home

Obviously, moving your home all that often can be expensive. Therefore, you might want to look for a place to settle down or travel around an area in which public insurance adjuster Florida will not be on your mind. After all, you are going to need insurance for your mobile home. Unfortunately, you would still need insurance for your house. Insurance and the lack of necessity for it is not one of the benefits of mobile homes. Too bad…

If you are ecologically aware, a mobile home is for you

Mobile homes are much more eco-friendly than regular houses that are all around us. Given the fact that they are prefabricated, assembly of modular homes is much simpler. Furthermore, since you will not be building the house is on the spot from scratch, builders consume far less fuel on assembling it. Add to that less debris contaminating our surroundings also. Basically, all that the company manufacturing your home needs to do is the delivery of pieces of the house. Assembly takes much less time and is far quicker than building a new house.

Furthermore, materials that factories use today to make a mobile home are very modern and eco-friendly. Therefore, one mobile house can be up to 90% more green than a regular house. This sounds to me like one of the best benefits of mobile homes. It surely is a good reason to opt for a mobile home over the regular house.

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