What are the most flammable items in your home?

How many time did you get back to your home because you couldn’t remember whether or not you have turned off your iron? And it is a good thing you did, even if the iron is turned off. That is a very serious situation. You need to be extra careful when it comes to flammable items in your home. And we are not talking only about the clothes near the iron. We will go through some of the most flammable items, so you know what to pay special attention to. You want to avoid all kinds of accidents, of course, but if anything happens, you should find certified fire damage adjuster to help you. Having professionals by your side is always a good move.

Why is important to know which are the most flammable items in your home?

Did you know that the fire department in the US responds to a call concerning the fire at home once every two minutes? Those kinds of accidents are very often because the fire ignites suddenly, but it spreads quickly and vanishes everything in front of it. That is why the damages from a fire are enormous and very expensive to handle.

 flammable items in your home - no fire sign
Around some things, you must be very careful with heat sources

If you want to prevent any kind of accident, you should be properly informed. If you don’t know the risks or you are careless, there is a bigger possibility for a household fire. Sure, you can always contact insurance adjuster Florida if something happens. But you should do your best to avoid that scenario. If you understand the nature of the everyday things you use around your house, you will be able to prevent unnecessary fire damages.

There are some things that everyone knows are highly flammable

When it comes to indoor fire, you probably already know most flammable items in your home:

  • heating appliances,
  • faulty electrical wiring,
  • candles,
  • cooking equipment,
  • all kinds of open flames.

However, there are some things that can cause big damages but that are not so obvious when you think about flames. For example, hurricanes can cause fires at homes, as well. So you should definitely know how to file hurricane damage insurance claim. But, other than that, you might be surprised what else can cause the fire in your home.

The not so obvious but highly flammable items in your home

This is where the danger lies. Everyone knows not to leave open flame in their home. And, unless you experience big thunderstorm and you have to file a lightning damage insurance claim, you should really do everything in your power to keep the highly flammable items away from heat sources. Even though people sometimes cause fire by negligence, sometimes they cause it because they are not informed enough. Therefore, we are pointing out some flammable items in your home that wouldn’t come to your mind.

All kinds of sprays

All kinds of sprays contain aerosol, which is kept under pressure and released as a hairspray, air freshener, deodorant, spray paint, etc. They contain butane and propane, which are highly flammable propellants. Make sure to use these kinds of sprays with caution. Keep them away from cigarettes, open flames, and other heat sources. Be careful, because even empty spray cans can cause unwanted fire and damages.

spray deodorant
All kinds of sprays are highly flammable

Beddings and mattresses

You probably never would have think of this, but one of the most flammable items in your home are beds. Specifically, beddings and mattresses. In most fire cases, people ignite beddings with candles and smoking materials. Also, ignition with calorifier isn’t as rare as you would think. So make sure not to fall asleep with the cigarette in your hands. Or with the heater close to your bed, for that matter.

Flammables in the kitchen

Besides all kinds of oils, there is other flammable stuff in your kitchen. With the many sources of open flames, the kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in your home. That is why you need to be extra careful here. Did you know that flour and flour dust can be a big fire hazard? Not just flour, but other powdered foods as well. Therefore, make sure to keep your spices, dairy creamer and dried mild away from the heat sources. Especially away from the open flame while you cook.

pot on the stove
Kitchen is the most dangerous room when it comes to fire hazards

Not even the bathroom is safe from fire hazards

You would think that at least a bathroom will be safe from fire, because of all the wet surfaces and high humidity. However, that is not the case. Some highly flammable items in your home are exactly in your bathroom. Things like nail polish remover, paraffin-Based skin creams, wart remover, and alcohol are very dangerous near the open flames. Although they must have a clear warning label, people sometimes lose sight of how flammable they are. So, in case you spill any of these on the counter, make sure to clean them up thoroughly.

Don’t forget about the laundry products. Every kind of detergent, fabric softener and stain remover are very flammable. Therefore, never forget to close the bottles and store them away from the heat sources and open flame.

Things around the house

There are some highly flammable items in your home that you would never suspect. One of the things you take out with you, but also maybe have around the house is hand sanitizer. Because this product is alcohol-based, it can ignite very quickly. Although that is not often, sometimes even static electricity can ignite hand sanitizer. So you should be very careful when you use it.

Pool cleaning chemicals are very powerful when it comes to ignition. You don’t even need a flame to ignite pool chlorine. All it takes is the addition of a small amount of water. So make sure to store those kinds of products in a dry and safe environment.

flammable items in your home - balloons in the pool
Clean your pool regularly, just be careful how you store the cleaning chemicals

Besides these, you should be careful with other flammable items in your home, such as auto products, black shoe polish, mothballs and even ping pong balls. If you don’t store them properly, many accidents can happen.

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