Winter fire hazards at home

During the winter temperatures usually drop substantially. We tent to stay at home and spend time with our families during the holidays. Also, we use space heaters and get the fireplace going to get warmer. Even then, it’s important to keep in mind that most home fires happen during the winter time and we should be careful. You should stay aware of winter fire hazards at home and check your everything before the winter arrives. Use our tips and make sure your home is the safest place for you and your family members. Our winter fire safety tips will help you enjoy winter months more. Keep reading and find out how to prepare for the winter and avoid any potential winter hazards.

Determine winter fire hazards at home and stay safe

Winter is a special time when families spend as much time together as they can. You can get your fire started in the fireplace, decorate your Christmas tree or light up a candle or two. You may not notice, but there are plenty of winter fire hazards at home you should keep an eye on. However, if you inspect your home before the winter, you may prevent any fire and avoid fire damage at the same time. You may need help from a professional to make sure your home is completely safe. But it will pay in the long run, and you ‘ll have a piece of mind while spending time with your family.

Check your furnace before the winter starts

Most people forget to check their furnace at home. However, performing an annual check is important. You should consider hiring a professional to inspect your furnace annually. It is best if you check everything in advance because your furnace can be one of the most significant winter fire hazards at home. At the same time, you will protect your home from a potential fire hazard or check if the heating system in your home is working properly.

construction worker
Consider hiring a professional to inspect your home for potential fire hazards before the winter starts.

Check your Christmas tree

We all love decorating our Christmas trees. But Christmas lights and decorations can be a real fire hazard in the home. You should make sure you use decorative lights of the best quality when decorating. It is important the lights don’t create any heat after you work for a longer period of time. In case they do, you may leave your Christmas lights on and face a potential fire. For safety reason, make sure not to plug in too many Christmas lights chords into the same extension cord. If overloaded, extension cords can also become one of the major winter fire hazards at home.

Don’t leave candles burning

Most of us use candles during the holidays. However, burning candles are considered one of the most common winter fire hazards at home. You should leave them burning after leaving the room or going to sleep. Also, you shouldn’t keep them near a window where drapes can move and cause an instant fire. Children or pets can easily knock the candle over and still cause a fire. Even if lighting candles in your home during the winter make sure you are very careful. You shouldn’t leave them near any flammable substances or materials like paper, your Christmas tree or near your fireplace. They can melt with ease and transport fire to a plastic or paper holder. So to avoid a potential fire, consider buying candles that run on batteries and use them without worrying about your own safety.

Indoor heaters can be dangerous

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), most house fires usually occur during winter time. Winter fire hazards at home start with:

  • Forgotten or unattended space heaters
  • Poorly maintained unchecked furnace
  • Christmas lights
  • Burning candles
  • Your fireplace

When using indoor heaters, you should make sure to handle it properly. You shouldn’t cover it or leave it on after you go to sleep. Heaters can be quite dangerous, and they are considered as one of the most usual causes of fires during winter time. In case you use a space heater in your home, make sure you handle it with care and as the instruction manual suggests. Never leave it working overnight.

Keep in mind that you should never leave a heater on when sleeping.

Remove potential fire hazards in advance

The most important thing you should do to prevent winter fire hazards in your home is to check everything before the cold weather arrives. Consider replacing real candles you have with the battery ones, or at least make sure your children or your pet don’t knock them down while they burn. Hiring a professional to inspect your furnace and all of your space heaters is the best choice. In case you had problems with electricity or wiring in your home, make sure that a professional checks everything. Replace batteries in your smoke alarms. On the other hand, if you are scared of a fire in your household, consider getting insurance from a professional insurance company in your area. A professional insurance adjuster can give you more information about homeowners insurance claims. Also, he can explain all the insurance options you can choose from to protect your property.

Consider getting insurance.

In case you need to make a claim

In case you experience a fire in your home, you should consider hiring a professional insurance adjuster. He will help you determine property damage. Without difficulty. An insurance adjuster with experience is there to help you file an insurance claim and represent your interests with the insurance company. In case your insurance company denies your claim, an insurance adjuster can help you deal with the insurance company. Only with the proper insurance policy, you will stay safe even if you have any type of winter fire hazards at home.

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